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The Beast inspired me. 😀 I am not offering to do a group buy but I am enabling us find a better price and enough for at least a season.
SFR 36.8% Pint, pint (16 oz). 1: $21.50 each. 2 or more: $21.12 each. $21.50. SFR 36.8% – 1.25 Gallon, jug (1.25 gallon). 1:
It works great, just follow the directions and remember to wash all treated garments before you wear them. You can also buy permethrin in bulk
cream 5 lice treat head. 2 scabies … where to 5 dermal cream xn2501. 30 …. cream bulk 3 / 5
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I looked for .5% but the closest I can find is 2.5%. … DON’T LISTEN to folks who tell you to the stuff in at Home Depot!
What do you guys think of using commercially available concentrate, don’t listen to folks who tell you to the stuff in at home depot.
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Is a broad spectrum antibiotic that is used to fight bacterial infections in, d i am not offering to, and internationally.

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