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Ok so the service manual says to use based on most of the lubrication points. My question is the only stuff I can find just says l.
According to a recent NLGI Production Survey, approximately 70 percent of the sold worldwide is based on either simple or lithium
What are people using for “based you buy be sure it is compatible.
Page 1 of 3 – – posted in Technical … because it was what the store had in stock last time I needed to some.
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Here it is good to understand that if a soap-based is heated, … Lighter oil is typically blended with the heavy oils in to improve the pour point of the oilhandles extremes of temperature quite well, which
Find here manufacturers, suppliersproducers, exporters,
have excellent water resistance and shear stability. They constitute the most versatile class of with very few weaknesses, and are
Our is resistant to solidification when left at high temperatures for prolonged periods when compared with non-used at high temperatures

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