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The STABLE Project is a clinician-led quality improvement initiative to advance the quality of care of persons with bipolar disorder through the development of
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has been the gold standard drug for bipolar disorders. The efficacy of is dose-dependent and reliably correlates with that of serum lithium levelswbr>
The Lab Test is a blood test used to determine in the blood in to maintain a therapeutic or to detect toxicity.
blood test … If your are too highpoisoning and need treatment immediately. Too much
toxicity is closely related to serum Lithium levels and can occur at doses close to therapeutic levels Facilities for prompt and accurate serum Lithium
Create a reflective diary, track the pages you read and ads free experience … NB: plasma are increased by sodium depletion (competitive
Lab Dept: Chemistry. Test Name: Codes: LI (Mayo), LIT (MedTox for STAT availability). Synonyms: Li, Eskalith®
5.19 How should I react to a high blood need to be at least 0.4 mmol/l in for to be an effective treatment, and
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